Special Thanks to Dr. Anaya Sarpaki and  Dr. Jennifer Moody.
Huge Olive on Aerinos Summit

Location of Aerinos Summit Olive
Dr. Jennifer Moody author of "The Making of the Cretan Landscape" with the Aerinos Olive

Archeological structures around the Aerinos Olive 

There is not enough protection for ancient olive trees in Crete, Here in Chouladiana, we found a huge olive tree with over four meters of  width that we discovered in 2010, burned to the ground. Now this video might be the only evidence of its existence. 
This multi trunk Chestnut tree near Ano Strovles was 8-9 meters wide

The huge olive of Samona village demonstrating the outcome of professional pruning and care
There are few dead or almost dead olives in Likos bay Finix

The Juniperus macrocarpa (Sea Juniper) in Kedrodasos Beach are often mistakenly refereed to as ceders

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