Hundred years old Ephsevia Frakolacci of Samona Village at her traditional Cretan house.

Flora an archeology student from Thessaloniki in Kedrodasos  Beach 
Joanna Jr. Melissia

Joanna with grandchildren Melissia

Manoli - Sheepherder Omalos
Odysseus - Ano Strovles 
Shepherd in Kampi
Man in chestnut place near Ano Strovles 
Andreas ferry Loutro to Chora Sfakion

Sofia - Melissia
Zevia and Dimitri - Melissia

Yanis Baladakis in his field picking Zucchini flowers for the restaurant in Sfinari

In 2010 in the end of the Imbros Gorge village of Komitades, I met Christina who had a small juice concession there. Chatting and joking with her she told me that she was an avid fisher-woman.  In addition she pointed out for me the location of the old olive tree in Finix which I was not aware of until then.

This year on a very hot day, I went back to her place to say thank you for the Finix discovery. She was on the sea fishing, but I was able to meet her two lovely daughters, the younger one is portrayed here. 

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